What Makes Wesley Matthews Tick?

In case you missed it, a very nice piece of writing and reporting from Blazers reporter Matt Calkins can be found here. Matt wrote an in-depth profile of Wesley Matthews, who has turned out to be a more important signing than the Blazers probably envisioned, given the health of Brandon Roy. From the story:

Inanimate objects fear Wesley Matthews.

They are defenseless against his rage.

One of his early victims, a locker-room door he punched as a freshman at James Madison Memorial High in Madison, Wis., is still traumatized.

Matthews was playing on the sophomore team at the time and grew infuriated with his performance, completely dismissing his team’s 20-point halftime lead. So he stormed into the locker room, decked the unsuspecting door and broke a bone in his hand.

It didn’t change him.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what makes Wesley Matthews tick, it’s worth a read.

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