Auburn Knows How To Cheat, But Not Very Well

Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme here to Auburn’s football history.

As the Tigers prepare to face Oregon for the naitonal title, Aaron Fentress of The Oregonian highlights some of the key seasons in the school’s fairly rich football legacy. From the story:

1957: Auburn went 10-0 and was awarded the AP national title despite not competing in a bowl game because the Tigers were placed on probation by the SEC for paying two high school recruits $500 each.

1983: The Tigers recovered from their two-year postseason and television ban imposed in 1979 to go 11-1 and finish ranked No. 3 by the Associated Press.

1993: Auburn had no chance to compete for the national title because it was on probation and banned from postseason play and television appearances for unethical conduct and lack of institutional control, and suffered reduced scholarships.

And now we have the Cam Newton mess.

Don’t know whether this means Auburn is good at cheating, or bad because it keeps getting caught.

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