Ducks, Huskies, And The Changing Universe

Ted Miller of writes about The Rivalry Formerly Known As Oregon vs. Washington.

Oregon coach Chip Kelly is not a rivalry guy. The hated Washington Huskies visiting Kelly’s Ducks on Saturday? Pffft.

“We have 12 rivalries,” Kelly said.

Kelly previously said the Ducks play “12 Super Bowls,” so his “every game is critical” philosophy is at least consistent.

But wait, there’s more:

Guess what’s being celebrated — again — at Autzen on Saturday? Yep, “The Pick,” the 1994 pick-six interception by Ducks cornerback Kenny Wheaton of Huskies QB Damon Huard, which is widely considered the most important play in school history. Wheaton will be at the game, appearing at PK Park from 10:30 a.m. to noon (PDT), signing autographs, including a T-shirt commemorating the play.

And why not? The Pick is one of the landmark moments in the changing landscape of Northwest football, like Wheaton was the meteor and the Huskies were the dinosaurs. Rich Brooks still can’t believe how the universe has been altered, according to George Schroeder of the Register Guard.

Consider: Starting with the 1994 season, Oregon is 92-45 in Pac-10 play and has won three outright conference titles; Washington is 65-71-1 in league play with no outright league championships.

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