This Is How To Make An Attack Ad

Tired of hearing about how Chris Dudley hates waitresses and how Dino Rossi hates veterans and how Denny Heck is really Nancy Pelosi is drag — or whatever the opposite of drag is? To offer some levity to the political season, we bring you the greatest political attack ad ever.

Seriously. Click on it. Here’s another chance. I’ll wait. . . .

Bet you didn’t see that coming. According to the comments, it’s not really an ad, but just something somebody put together for the Internet. The incident apparently happened during a charity game.

And there are two others with slight variations. You can click on those after the first one runs. Be sure to wait for the “paid for” tags at the end.

Nothing better than adding a little humor to a soul-crushing political season. Thanks to for the link.

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