Oregon vs. Stanford: A Football Cold War

Yahoo! Sports has an insightful preview of Saturday’s epic Oregon-Stanford matchup at Autzen Stadium.

Among the many story lines, including the notion that Pac-10 superiority is at stake, is the fact that four years ago Stanford went 1-11. Then there is the philosophical Cold War taking place:

By all appearances so far, this is the strongest Stanford team in ages. Emphasis on strong. At the moment, the Cardinal’s prowess as throwback, black-and-blue maulers grinding defenses to dust between the tackles may be matched by Wisconsin or Alabama (if the Tide still qualify as old-school grinders, which is highly debatable after last week), and that’s about it. Oregon, of course, is building its burgeoning day-glo empire from the opposite direction, as the be-swooshed embodiment of the new wave, with its fleet of shifty blazers swooping in from every angle at the most relentless pace they can manage.

Should be a good one. I’m guessing it will be loud.

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