Can Oregon State Derail Boise State?

In order to get you ready for the Boise State-Oregon State game, here’s a column we had in Friday’s paper. It’s about how an undefeated Boise State team would deserve to be ranked ahead of any one-loss team come season’s end.

That’s a long way away, and Oregon State could put an end to the argument when it visits the Broncos. But one thing that didn’t make it into the column was the issue of Virginia Tech’s loss to James Madison.

On Monday, Sept. 6, Boise State opened the season with a thrilling come-from-behind win against 10th-ranked Virginia Tech in Washington, D.C. The following Saturday, the Hokies lost to James Madison, a Division I-AA school.

Critics said the loss would hurt Boise State more than it hurt Virginia Tech. That’s probably true, but it shouldn’t be. Va Tech’s loss didn’t prove that the Hokies aren’t very good; it proved that you shouldn’t play two games five days apart.

Now, if Virginia Tech goes 5-7, that’s another story. But if the Hokies go, say, 9-3, then Boise State’s victory should be viewed as a quality win.

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