BYU Joins The WCC, How 'Bout Seattle U?

With all the talk of the approaching football season and a summer filled with conference realignments, it was easy to overlook one of the most interesting sidebars of recent weeks.

That’s the one about BYU going independent in football and joining the West Coast Conference in 11 sports, including men’s and women’s basketball.

WCC officials say they don’t have any plans to add a 10th team — they have three in Southern California, three in the Bay Area, Portland, Gonzaga, and BYU — but I don’t see any reason why they won’t add Seattle University. It’s a private school, like every conference member; it’s a Catholic school, like seven of the members; and it’s in Seattle, like none of the other members.

Seattle U. will be fully returned to Division I in 2012-13, and it would appear to be a perfect fit for the WCC.

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