He’s Not A Bad Person, He Just Fell In With The Wrong Crowd

Sports Illustrated’s Stewart Mandel writes about Jeremiah Masoli landing at Ole Miss. He’s not complimentary.

Which is why Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt — more so than any of the aforementioned names — is a certifiably dirty coach.

Nutt’s controversial decision to add trouble-plagued Oregon exile Jeremiah Masoli to his roster on the eve of preseason camp is so transparently pathetic in its desperation you wonder how he can make it with a straight face. And yet we should hardly be surprised.

Sports Illustrated also recently had a detailed feature on Masoli and his transgressions, including the one that got him bounced from his high school.

The original story about that one — from the Register Guard —included this laughable quote from Mike Bellotti: “We have a lot of kids (with a similar history), based on who they hung out with in high school, the kind of crowd they ran with or the environment they were in.”

Proving, once again, that college football coaches can rationalize anything.

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