The Latest Theory On Pac-10 Expansion

Bud Withers of The Seattle Times takes a new look at the coming conference realignments in college sports.

You’ve probably already read about this, and we’ve linked to similar stories in the past. But one of the interesting things the Times does is include a chart showing each conference’s TV power. For example, the Big Ten has schools in eight states, which add up to 22 percent of the nation’s TV market. That ranks No. 1 among all conferences, and that’s important.

The Pac-10’s four states contain 16 percent of the TV market, ranking fifth among all conferences.

Writes Withers: (Larry) Scott, the Pac-10 commissioner, got his marching orders very early from the league’s presidents and chancellors: Make more money. All you need to know is this number: According to the Sports Business Journal, the bulging SEC TV contracts with ESPN and CBS are worth $205 million annually to the league.

The Pac-10’s contracts with ABC/ESPN and Fox are worth a combined $45 million a year.

That’s why the University of Texas would be the Holy Grail of Pac-10 expansion. It’s also why Colorado and Utah would be logical additions. But regardless of where this is headed, it’s not going to be good for the Oregon and Washington schools.

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