Month: May 2010

The Future Of The Pac-10

About 15 years ago, when the carcass of the Southwest Conference was picked apart, I predicted that college football would someday have about four super conferences. It has taken a […]

Can Portland Land NBA All-Star Game?

Dwight Jaynes has an insightful look at Portland's inability to land an NBA All-Star Game. Or maybe, according to Jaynes, it's more like disinterest. The excuse has always been that there […]

A Hair-Raising Reference

The Chicago Cubs have called up highly touted prospect Starling Castro to be their shortstop. Why do we mention this? Because Castro, 20, is the youngest Cub to make his big-league […]

Milton Bradley Finally Gets It

So, the Mariners are now without Milton Bradley, which you had to figure would happen at some point this season. Still, there are two remarkable things about the whole saga. After […]

Inside Baseball: Robin Roberts Was One Of The Greats — For Awhile

Hall of Fame pitcher Robin Roberts died Thursday. Which gives us an excuse to talk about how great he truly was, and why he is a cautionary tale for today's […]

Blazers And The Team Of The Future

J.A. Adande of has a column about the dangers of being the NBA's "team of the future." He was writing about the Oklahoma City Thunder, but it's also applicable […]

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