Strange-But-True Blazers Facts

This piece of surprising Blazers trivia comes courtesy of reader Greg Wurtz:

The Blazers have never won a playoff series in which they have lost a home game. In its history, Portland has won 18 playoff series and lost 26. By my count, the Blazers are 47-0 at home in those series they have won (they’re 69-31 overall at home).

It kind of makes sense that the team which wins a series would do well at home. But to never overcome a home loss and win a series? I find that surprising. Let’s do some research. . . .

OK, I’m back. Of the 15 playoff series last year, the eventual winner overcame a home loss in six of them. The previous year, it happened in three of the 15 series. I don’t know whether that makes it common or unusual. But you would think that somewhere, someplace, out of 44 playoff series, the Blazers could have overcome a home loss at least once.

Don’t know whether any of that means anything. I just thought it was interesting.

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