But Which Number Will He Wear For The Knicks?

LeBron James has applied to the NBA to change his uniform number, which will be moot when he changes teams next year.

James wants to go from No. 23 to No. 6, reportedly out of respect to Michael Jordan. In other words, he’s going from the number of the greatest player in NBA history to the second greatest (Bill Russell).

Not sure why James suddenly decided in his seventh NBA season that wearing No. 23 was disrespectful to Jordan, whatever that’s supposed to mean. At least one commentator has taken the cynical view, and he makes a lot of sense. Then again, Adrian Wojnarowski could take the cynical view of a sunset.

So why would LeBron choose No. 6, a number already owned by Russell, Stan Musial, Julius Erving, Al Kaline, and Joe Torre? Why not choose a number that would forevermore be identified solely with him?

Why not No. 65 or 67 or 69, which were singled out here as numbers being devoid of stars? I mean, don’t you think LeBron could surpass Elvin Bethea for ownership of No. 65? I’m guessing he would.

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