Voters Check Batting Stats, Fill Out Gold Glove Ballots

Baseball is a sport of tradition, of long-standing traits that have been passed down through generations. One of those time-honored traditions is the voters botching the Gold Glove Awards. . . .

The American League awards have been announced, and Rob Neyer of is here to point out the many places the voters screwed up. Like this one:

Fortunately, the voters were wise enough to make room for an exciting young outfielder who burst upon the scene in 2009 with some of the most brilliant defense we’ve seen in center field since the heyday of Andruw Jones.

I am referring, of course, to the stupendously amazing Franklin Gutierrez, who … Wait, what? They didn’t vote for Franklin Gutierrez, who spent the entire season catching everything in sight and racking up phenomenal numbers?

Nope. They didn’t. The voters instead went with Adam Jones, who played well in center field in 2008 but was (at best) average in 2009.

But at least Derek Jeter won at shortstop. Bleeeecccccchhhhhhh!

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