Glaze for your Easter Ham

Are you having ham as your main dish this Easter? By now, I’m sure you’ve already planned your menu and purchased your ingredients. If you are having ham, what are you going to glaze it with? Perhaps you haven’t thought of that, or have never ventured into the wonderful world of glazes since most packaged ones contain gluten.

Honey-Mustard Brown Sugar Ham Glaze

On it’s own, ham is quite tasty. Most commercial glazes that often come with your ham contain gluten or at the very least MSG. I spent a long time just baking my ham without a glaze, then I tried a few recipes and fell in love with this one. The perfect balance of sweet and spice that doesn’t overpower the flavor of your meat.

Don’t let glazes intimidate you. Roasting a ham with a glaze is not hard, just takes a few extra steps. Well worth the few minutes it will add to your prep work for your meal. This glaze will take about 5 minutes to prepare and then you simply baste your ham a few times during baking.

The best part about this addition to your ham, it packs a ton of flavor with no gluten and you most likely already have the ingredients on hand to make it! I love finding ways to make a holiday meal a bit better with small touches that make a huge difference.

This glaze would make chicken or turkey extra tasty as well. If you decide to try it with chicken, I’d suggest cutting the recipe in half or more as it will make enough to coat an entire ham or turkey. The extra glaze (not used on the meat) could be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks as well. Get creative, and enjoy!

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