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Product Review: CrispRoot Cassava Chips, Sea Salt


Initial Thoughts: What is cassava? Thankfully, the website for CrispRoot Cassava Chips had a lot of information on their products. Everything from what cassava is to where the cassava roots are grown. I love knowing where my food comes from and knowing what’s in it.

Perhaps you’ve heard that cassava is not safe to eat, I wondered about this myself. You can read the detailed answer to that question here, it’s the third to the last question on the page. There is a lot of great information on their faq page, if you are curious about the products beyond how they taste I’d recommend checking it out.


Packaging and Size: CrispRoot Cassava Chips come in 5 ounce and 1 ounce bags. Fairly typical sizes for specialty snack items like these. I loved the packaging, bright and colorful with lots of information about the products and some interesting facts about cassava itself.

Flavor: These chips have awesome texture, nice thick chips with ridges to hold dips nicely. The flavor of the Sea Salt chips was not what I expected. After tasting the Original flavor of these chips, I was expecting the flavor to be very similar. The added sea salt was just what these chips needed to make them a stand alone snack for me, or a great addition to my sandwich at lunch time. As with the original flavor, the addition of a dip would be great as well, but not really needed in my opinion.


Serving Suggestions: As with the original flavor, my entire family tried the chips. This time we all liked them on their own, but some thought they still needed a bit of a dip or something to go with them. I thought they were perfect on their own, in fact I believe I was the one that finished off the bag. They had just the right amount of salt to satisfy my craving for something salty. A winner, as far as I was concerned.

Overall Review: These chips had great crunch, perfect texture and flavor. They are thick enough to stand up to any dip you could dream of and also stand very well on their own as a snack food or accompaniment to any sandwich. Great for snacking on while watching the game, a good movie or to simply satisfy that “something salty” craving we all get from time to time. The fact that they are made with good ingredients makes them a better choice, in my book. I would buy these chips again!


Where can I get some? The CrispRoot site has an awesome store locating tool. There are many retailers in the Pacific Northwest that carry them, thankfully! From what I could tell doing a search for the Vancouver, Washington area, most Whole Foods and New Seasons Market locations carry them. There is also a “shop now” button on the site where you can order them to be delivered to your home or business.