Gardening with Allen

Replacing Overgrown Shrubs

Most of the shrubs around my home are overgrown and unattractive. What suggestions do you have for replacing them? The main problem with most mature landscapes is overgrown shrubs which no […]

Look for Insect Damage

I have discolored leaves on several plants and the leaves are starting to drop. I don’t see any insects. Is there a disease affecting them? The symptoms you describe sound a […]

Mowing Height and Frequency

I am tempted to contract for biweekly lawn mowing service. My wife says the lawn should be cut at least once a week. What is best for the lawn? Proper mowing […]

Lawn and Garden Irrigation

What is the best way to irrigate my lawn and garden? I see my neighbor’s sprinklers go on at 6 am every morning for 10 minute intervals when I take […]

Organic Vegetable Insect Control

I had maggots in my radishes and beets last year. I had worms in my cabbage and broccoli. I had leaf miners in my lettuce and spinach. Is there a […]

Long-Blooming Perennial Flowers

I like to plant annual flowers because they have such a long blooming period. Are there perennial flowers which bloom as long as annuals but don’t need replanting every year? Unlike […]

Spray Fruit Trees to Prevent Insects and Diseases

I want to make sure I do not have scab or worms in my apples this year. When to I have to spray to prevent these problems? Begin spray applications as […]

Success with Container Plantings

I want to have tubs and baskets that are beautiful all summer. Mine are nice until about mid-summer and deteriorate after that. Can you give me some pointers on keeping […]

Insect Problems to Look For

Lace bugs on Azaleas and Rhododendrons I have noticed a lot of lace bug damage recently on azaleas and rhododendrons. Azalea lace bug attacks both azaleas and rhododendrons and may […]

Garden Questions Are Welcome

Is it all right to email you with specific garden questions? Yes, you can always call or email me with garden questions or request a free consultation at your home or […]

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