Month: April 2015

Spray Fruit Trees to Prevent Insects and Diseases

I want to make sure I do not have scab or worms in my apples this year. When to I have to spray to prevent these problems? Begin spray applications as […]

Success with Container Plantings

I want to have tubs and baskets that are beautiful all summer. Mine are nice until about mid-summer and deteriorate after that. Can you give me some pointers on keeping […]

Insect Problems to Look For

Lace bugs on Azaleas and Rhododendrons I have noticed a lot of lace bug damage recently on azaleas and rhododendrons. Azalea lace bug attacks both azaleas and rhododendrons and may […]

Garden Questions Are Welcome

Is it all right to email you with specific garden questions? Yes, you can always call or email me with garden questions or request a free consultation at your home or […]

Thin Strawberry Plants

My strawberry plants have become so thick that they did not produce very well last year. Should I remove some of the plants? Yes, strawberry beds tend to become overcrowded with […]

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