Month: March 2015

Control Winter Weeds Before They Go To Seed

While we were hibernating inside this winter weeds have been merrily growing along. It is now time for some of them to produce flowers and seeds. If we remove them […]

Hardy and Tender Annual Flowers

  I am frequently asked which flower varieties are hardy enough to plant in April and which tender flowers I should wait to plant until May. There are two reasons to […]

Hybrid Varieties More Vigorous and Uniform

In selecting plants and seeds, you often find the word “hybrid” as a descriptive term. Some organic gardeners shy away from hybrid varieties because they have read somewhere that they […]

Early Flower and Vegetable Planting

With the warmer than usual spring weather, is it ok to plant my flowers and vegetables early this year? Because of the weather, we can plant hardy or cold tolerant […]

Natural Pruning is Better

I have read about your natural pruning technique in previous columns. Is this something an average gardener could learn to do? Could you describe it for me? I am often asked […]

Reseeding Lawns with Sod Quality Results

Four years ago when my lawn was newly sodded, it was very uniform with only one kind of grass. Now my lawn has become an irregular patchwork of different textures […]

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