Month: February 2015

Time to Attack Moss

I have an abundance of moss growing in my lawn and shrub beds. I have this problem every year about this time. I have used several brands of moss control […]

Pruning Established Fruit Trees

Is this a good time to prune my fruit trees? What is the best way to prune them? Established fruit trees require yearly pruning for best health and maximum fruit production. […]

What Does F1 After A Variety Name Mean?

I notice that several of the new All-America vegetable winners have an “F1” suffix attached. Could you explain what it means. “F1” is a label that designates a plant variety as […]

5 Additional Vegetables Win All-America Awards

In addition to the 10 other new AAS award winners described in previous columns, here are 5 more new vegetable winners for 2015. Look for them in seed catalogs and […]

5 New Flowers Win All-America Awards

Five new flowers have received All-America awards for 2015. They will be available as bedding plants this spring. Dianthus Jolt Pink Fl is a cross between 2 different species. It has […]

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