Month: December 2014

Test Leftover Seeds

Do you have some old vegetable or flower seeds laying around in a drawer or on a shelf? Do you wonder if they are still any good? There is an […]

Make Plans for Landscape Improvement

I would like to get some help in making plans for improvements in my landscape. I don’t have enough money to hire a landscape architect. Could you give me some […]

Are Your Indoor Plants Hungry?

My indoor plants are starting to develop light green and yellow leaves. Do you think they need fertilizer? What fertilizer do you recommend for indoor plants? The best indication of need […]

Grow fresh herbs in a sunny window

I miss my fresh herbs from the summer garden. The fresh herbs from the store are very expensive this time of year. Do you have suggestions on how I can […]

Prune During Dormant Season

The dormant season (December through mid-March) is and ideal time to prune most plants. I do at least a third of my pruning business during these 4 months. Spring-flowering shrubs, […]

Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

My Christmas tree started dropping needles before Christmas last year. I’m tempted to buy an artificial tree. Is there some way to make sure my fresh tree stays intact until […]

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