Month: September 2014

Use Lawn Mower to Condense Leaves

A rotary lawn mower is an effective way to chop leaves into small pieces. If you let them fall onto the lawn, the smaller pieces will fall between the blades. […]

Plant Bulbs in Pots for Indoor Winter Bloom

I have purchased blooming pots of tulips in the winter. Is it possible to plant some bulbs in my own pots for winter bloom? Yes, you can plant bulbs in pots […]

Where to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs

I read your column about planting flowers. Could you give me some more suggestions about where to plant spring flowering bulbs. There are so many places to plant bulbs that you […]

Fall Important Time to Fertilize Your Lawn

  My lawn is looking worse than normal for this time of year. I don’t usually fertilize until October. Would it help to fertilize sooner this year? I normally fertilize my lawn […]

Flowers You Can Plant in the Fall

I see people planting bulbs and flowers now. What are the best kinds to plant? Lots of flowers can be planted now, including the following: Spring Flowering Bulbs Now through November is the […]

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