Month: May 2014

Gardening Traditions

I am writing this on Memorial Day and was inspired to write about some of my family traditions centered around gardening. Some of my fondest memories are working together with my […]

Mulch Reduces Weeds

Mulch Reduces Weeds My neighbor has a lot fewer weed problems than I do. He tells me it is because he uses mulch. Is mulch really that effective in reducing weed […]

Organic Insect Control for fruit and vegetables

I would like to prevent damage from various insects on my fruits and vegetables this year. Are there organic or natural pesticides which I can use safely? Nowadays we have several […]

Plant flowers between bulb leaves

The leaves of my daffodils and tulips are sprawled all over the ground and look messy. Can I remove leaves now without harming next year’s bulbs? There are several ways to […]

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