Month: April 2014

Planting Flowers in Containers

There are many factors which will insure good success with container flower plantings.First, larger containers work better than smaller ones because they have more room for roots and do not […]

When Can I Plant Tender Plants Like Tomatoes and Impatiens?

Is it safe to plant my tender flowers and vegetables like impatiens and tomatoes now? When I first moved to Vancouver 12 years ago I checked the average last frost date […]

Pruning Principles learned over a lifetime

I have a lot of different kinds of plants to prune. Could you share some basic pruning principles that would apply to all kinds of plants? Yes, there are some basic […]

Leaf and Fruit Disease Prevention

Our rainy, high humidity spring weather is ideal for the development of a number of leaf and fruit diseases. Most of these diseases can be reduced by cleaning up last […]

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