Month: November 2013

Orchids are easy to care for

Orchids are one of the easiest decorative flowers to grow in the home. They have several attractive characteristics: 1. The flowers last longer than any other flowering plant. An orchid plant […]

Winterize tools, equipment, containers

Trees, shrubs and other perennial plants growing in containers should be moved into a protected area such as a covered patio, unheated shed or garage by early December. Plants which […]

Long Lasting Poinsettias

  I have noticed poinsettias for sale already. How do they get them in bloom so early? If I buy one now, will it last until Christmas? Just like everything else associated […]

Winter Care of Indoor Plants

As the sun gets lower in the winter sky and days become shorter, less and less natural light reaches indoor plants. We also have more cloudy days in winter, which […]

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