Month: August 2013

Plant Chrysanthemums, Asters and Pansies Now

Potted chrysanthemums and asers are available in stores now. They are in bud and bloom and will give almost instant color for several weeks in the fall. Mums and asters […]

Caring for summer transplanted plants

Question: I recently planted a 10 foot maple tree in the ground. The roots had been covered with burlap and tied with twine at the top. After placing the tree […]

Large Indoor Plant Bargains

I have noticed sales on large indoor plants at two different big box stores recently. The prices seem to be very attractive on large size plants. I would like a […]

Mid-Summer Irrigation

Question: I dug a hole to plant a new tree and found that the soil was very dry below 3 inches. I am concerned about whether my trees and shrubs […]

Natural Controls for Summer Plant Insects and Diseases

Some insects and diseases are worse during hot weather. Insects multiply faster and some diseases grow faster during hot weather. Check your plants more frequently for holes and discolored leaves. […]

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