Month: April 2013

Frost can be much later in outlying areas

In response to my recent post, "Is it safe to plant my tomatoes?", Julien Nelson responded: Problem; You say "now that the frost is over" WRONG Check with your paper's Pat Timm. […]

Is It Safe to Plant Tomatoes Now?

Question: Is it safe to plant my tomatoes and other vegetables now?  Answer: The average last frost date for Vancouver is April 17. We had frost in many areas on that […]

Flowers for Containers

We are now just past our average last frost date, so we can plant just about anything.  In selecting flowers for containers, check labels for sun and shade requirements. Most sun […]

Perennial Flowers with a long blooming period

Question: In your recent newsletter you mention perennial flowers with a long bloom period. Could you share the names of some of your favorites? Answer: Some of my readers have discovered […]

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