Month: July 2012

Deadheading Increases Flowering

The main reason for removing old, dead flowers (referred to as “dead-heading”) is to improve the appearance of the landscape. However dead-heading will also increase the amount of bloom of […]

Protect Trees from Bark Damage

Unplanted mulched areas around trees protect them from bark damage by mowers and trimmers. Tree bark is much more than a protective layer. The inner bark layers contain tubes which […]

Best Way to Irrigate

July and August are the highest water use times of the year. We have a combination of warmer days, hotter temperatures and little if any rainfall. All this adds up […]

Redirect Strawberry Runner Plants

Strawberry plants are busily sending out runners with new plantlets. Some of these plantlets are already sending roots down into the soil. Even if they have started to root, they […]

Organic Pest Controls

There is a virtual arsenal of natural and organic pesticides available now and more are being developed every year. A few have been available for 50 years or more. One of […]

Make second planting of short season vegetables

You are probably picking short season vegetables such as radish, lettuce and spinach right now. Now is the time to make a second planting for harvest later this summer. I […]

Fertilize flowers and vegetables

Most of us fertilize our plants when we plant them. With short season vegetables that mature in 60 days or less, such as radish, spinach and leaf lettuce, that is […]

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