Don’t Remove Bulb Leaves Until They Turn Brown

Those left over leaves from your daffodils, tulips and other spring flowering bulbs need to remain for a few more weeks. They are producing the food that goes into next year’s bulbs. When they start to turn yellow and brown, they have accomplished their purpose and can be removed. Some gardeners cut them back by half now so they look a little neater.

You do not need to wait until those leaves are gone to plant annual flowers for summer color. In fact it is easier to plant now because you can plant in between the bulbs and won’t disturb them. By the time the brown bulb leaves are ready to remove you will already have some colorful bloom.

Another good way to cover the area where spring flowering bulbs are grown is to plant a ground cover such as ajuga. The ajuga will completely cover the area, but the bulbs will come right through it next spring and bloom normally.

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