Lawn Mowing Height is Important

Lawn mowing height makes a considerable difference in lawn quality when we get into summer weather. Right now growing conditions for grass are ideal so the difference does not show.

The leaf blades are the manufacturing plant of the of the grass plant. A longer leaf blade means more surface area for photosynthesis to take place for food production. Also, the root system of a grass plant is in direct proportion to the leaf surface. More roots means more ability to pick up water and nutrients from the soil and greater ability to withstand summer heat and drought.

Another very important factor is mowing frequency. No more than 2/5 of the leaf blades should be removed at each mowing. Grass mowed at 1 inch should be cut by the time it reaches 1 ¾ inches. Grass mowed at 2 inches can wait until it is 3 ½ inches before cutting. Golf course fairways are cut at about ¾ inches. However, they are normally mowed every 2 to 3 days. The shorter you cut your lawn, the more often it should be mowed.

A slow release fertilizer application in May or early June will provide nutrients throughout the summer. Check fertilizer labels to determine how much of the nitrogen is in a slow release form. Poly coating is the most effective long lasting fertilizer.

Weed problems are also less when the lawn is taller and thicker. Weed seeds need light and space to grow.

Another practice which improves lawn growth is to apply lime products to the lawn every second or third year. Lime raises the pH of our acid soils and makes micro-nutrients like iron more readily available.

A lot of things so into making a lawn healthy, but one of easiest and most effective is to raise the mowing height to at least 1 ½ inches. 2 inches is even better.

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