Month: April 2012

Flowers in Containers

Flowering baskets and tubs are becoming increasingly popular for decks, porches, and patios. I prefer larger containers such as minimum 10 inch hanging baskets and 12 inch pots and tubs. […]

Hybrid plant varieties are usually more uniform and vigorous

In selecting plants and seeds, you often find the word “hybrid” as a descriptive term. Some organic gardeners shy away from hybrid varieties because they have read somewhere that they […]

Spray Now to Prevent Leaf Spot Diseases

Leaf spot diseases start developing in April on newly opening leaves of Rose, Photinia, Weeping Flowering Cherry, Dogwood, and Peaches. One way to reduce disease infestation is to clean up […]

Control Winter Weeds Before They Go to Seed

While we were hibernating inside this winter weeds have been merrily growing along. It is now time for some of them to produce flowers and seeds. If we remove them […]

Warm and Cool Weather Vegetables

After printing the list of warm and cool weather flowers, I had a request for a list of warm and cool weather vegetables. It is much easier to remember the […]

Wait to Plant Warm Weather Flowers

If we learned anything the last two springs, it was that warm weather vegetables and flowers like tomatoes and marigolds do not like cool weather. They just sit there and […]

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