Month: March 2012

Lasagna Gardening

Lasagna gardening or “sheet composting” is a no-dig, no-till method of developing a vegetable planting area which is 100 % organic matter. Cardboard or several layers of newspaper are first […]

Time to Fertilize Permanent Plants

Now is an excellent time to fertilize all the permanent plants in your garden including lawns, trees, shrubs and perennial flowers. Roots are active and will pick up the fertilizer […]

Early Spring Planting Time

Although container trees and shrubs can be planted year round, spring is one of the very best times to plant. The cool weather allows root systems to become established while […]

Early Spring Landscape Care

I like to lower my lawn mower to about an inch (usually about the second notch) the first time I mow. If the mower bogs down I will raise it […]

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