New Garden Tools

If you have been shopping for gardening tools recently you probably have been surprised at some of the design changes in the old standbys. There are many ergonomic tools available that make gardening easier on the wrists and lower backs for example. An orthopedic surgeon has designed “Bionic gloves” to help gardeners including the longer gloves for working with roses as well as gloves for other various uses such as golfing.

Have you seen the handles that can be attached to a shovel handle approximately a third of the way down allowing the gardener to grip the added handle as well as the straight handle? This allows the user to use the shovel with less stress on the lower back.

For those that have difficulty bending to plant seeds in the garden consider using a long length of PVC pipe with one end cut at an angle. Drop seeds into the pipe and walk beside where you want your row using the sharp V of PVC pipe to make the furrow as the seeds drop in.

There are adapters available to attach to the outside round water faucet handle. These allow an easy grip for those with bad wrists or arthritic fingers. There are pole pruners that do not use the common ropes. The pole is gripped and an easy pull on a section of the pole slides to make the cutting action. Another useful way of using it is cutting shrubs close to the ground without any bending.

Check the local nursery centers, catalogs and gardening websites. Search online using “adaptive gardening tools”, “ergonomic gardening tools” and, “Bionic Glove”. WSU extension ( and OSU extension ( also have information. If you would like to have a Master Gardener presentation to your garden club or other group on this subject contact Loretta Freidel-Wilson at

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