Month: May 2011

Proper Lawn Mowing Height and Frequency

Proper mowing height and frequency will go a long way toward improving lawn performance. Grass blades are the manufacturing plant of the lawn. If cut too short there is less […]

Spray Roses BEFORE They Get Disease

Rose Foliage is very beautiful this time of year. It is dark green streaked with the red of fresh new growth. There are no ugly spots or discoloration. That will […]

Children and Gardening

My greatest learning experience with children and gardening came when I began teaching my youngest child about gardening. With my older children I had carefully monitored their work to make […]

Weed in Bites

This time of year the weeds seem to pop up and grow overnight. It is very hard to keep up with the weeding. It seems to get put off until […]

Spindly tomato plants?

Question: I have been afraid to plant the tomato plants which I purchased because of the rain and cold mornings. I have been keeping them inside near a window, but […]

Residential Landscape Design Workshop

The Urban Forestry Department at the City of Vancouver is offering a free workshop on residential landscape design from 6 to 8 pm on Thursday, May 19 at the Firstenburg […]

Overgrown Shrubs? Prune or Replace?

Does this landscape problem sound like yours? ‚ÄúSeven years ago we purchased a new home and had it landscaped professionally. The shrubs were attractive for the first few years until […]

Plant annual flowers between bulbs

Did you enjoy the color provided by your spring bulbs such as daffodils and tulips? You can continue to have color in those same beds by planting annual flowers between […]

Simplify fertilzation

Garden stores and departments offer numerous brands and types of fertilizers. Gardeners have been trained to think that each type of plant needs its own fertilizer. Since our soils contain […]

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