Inauguration Highlights from Ron Onslow

I’ll try to take it in order and I must say….even though there were about one million there and it was very crowded, all were polite and helpful with directions, or answered questions we (or anyone) asked. I mention that as any question asked was heard by many nearby.
In the musical prelude, the Battle Hymn of the Republic was sung and everyone literally hummed or sang or mouthed the words. When thousands sing quietly-and this was true for the patriotic songs, it is impressive.

Vice President Biden was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and she was introduced to loud cheers, obviously loved by the crowd. Earlier, John Boehner was introduced to “OOOOOOOOooooooooo” by the crowd (not boos) because of the differences between he and Obama, which showed me the knowledge in politics of the crowd.

James Taylor was next….he stepped forward with his guitar, the only musical accompaniment he had, and sang “America” which again was sung and hummed by thousands. Very moving.

Huge cheers followed the introduction of Obama. Cheers followed upon statements like:

"Take the risk to make America great"
"We will respond to climate change"
America must lead the world in energy alternatives
"We the people do not require perpetual war"
All women, wives, mothers, and daughters should earn  a living equal to their effort
Gays should be treated equally
"One shouldn't have to wait hours to vote"
"Our journey is not complete until all are safe from harm" (referring to our youth)
"We cannot treat name calling for reason to debate"
"MY oath is no different than that of the military, immigrants becoming citizens, and the pledge of allegiance taken by all our youth".

After his speech…Kelly Clarkston sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” to the background of thousands singing & humming along. If you saw her on TV you know how excited she was. Incredible!

Finally the last of the 57th inauguration was capped off with an extremely emotional Beyoncé singing our National Anthem. This brought me to tears as we all sang along.

What a great country we live in. I am so proud of my Country, my State, and my wonderful city, Ridgefield.

Whether we agree with several versions or visions of politics we all have the same President, Governor, Commissioner or Mayor and we should step up, make our feelings known and move forward to keep our Country, State, City, or County the best it can be……for……ALL of us.

Thanks for following along with me, for allowing me to be your Mayor and supporting me. I am proud to be your Mayor and I truly love Ridgefield.

PS on a lighter note…..flying home tomorrow, that’s good. Thanks to my daughter Emily for taking care of Alex (our dachshund), and granddaughter Peyton for tending to my chickens who I know miss me! And of course Kathy for all her work on the FYI Ridgefield.

Ron Onslow
City of Ridgefield

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