Bruce Crockett Named First Citizen of Ridgefield

Bruce Crockett was named First Citizen for 2012 at a ceremony at the December 6 City Council meeting.

Bruce has worked tirelessly for years here in Ridgefield to better the community. He’s given of his time for a variety of businesses in the downtown, such as Lily Wiggans, Pioneer Cafe, and Alcove Art Gallery. Bruce has led the American Legion for the past year and has been active in its work for the past several years.

Bruce was extremely active in creating our new Veterans Memorial. He was on the Lewis and Clark Committee helping celebrate the anniversary of Lewis and Clark’s landing in Ridgefield. Bruce was a leader on the Friends of the Refuge fundraisers for years.

Mayor Ron Onslow says that Bruce has been one of Ridgefield’s “Best” when it comes to volunteering. He has helped Ron with trails, cleaning up the cemetery, and working with Scouts towards their Eagle Scout rank to name a few.

Many thanks go to Bruce for making Ridgefield a better place to live.

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