Barbara AW Wright at Alcove Art Gallery

Barbara AW Wright is the featured artist at Alcove Art Gallery this month. Her theme is Nature’s Handicraft – Upfront and Personal.

When you come in the gallery you’ll notice she has a display of three small pictures, with an arrow pointing at a hinged box on the table. Open the cover to find why she chose this name for her exhibit.

I always like to know a little background about our artists, and here’s what Barbara told me:

 I have been passionate about both art and science from a very young age. I won an art competition in the 8th grade and bought an easel with the $50 prize money. In high school, I conducted an operant conditioning experiment on tarantulas, much to my mother’s dismay. In college, I found a niche that merged earth and social sciences with art—cartography. I earned a degree and completed graduate classes at the University of Wisconsin in geography and cartography and enjoyed a career in those fields for many years. I continued my science/art interest by recently completing a certificate program at University of Washington in Natural Science Illustration.

I find wonder and feel awe when viewing all aspects of nature. My desire is to constantly expand my knowledge and share this wonder of natural marvels through my artwork. I am eager to educate others about science and art.

Alcove Art Gallery is at 328 Pioneer Street in downtown Ridgefield, Washington. It’s open Wednesdays through Saturdays, 10 am to 5 pm. Phone: 360-727-3008.

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