Ridgefield Receives 'Clean' Audit

The City of Ridgefield, Washington, is pleased to announce that it received a “clean” audit from the Washington State Auditor’s office for the sixth year in a row. The auditors conducted two types of audits on the City. The first audit encompassed financial statements and reporting, internal controls and federal compliance, and the second audit comprised the accountability for public resources and compliance with state laws and regulations.

The review of the financial statements indicated that the statements were presented fairly in all material respects. No significant deficiencies and material misstatements were noted or any instances of noncompliance. Internal controls of compliance were tested on the federal programs and all were deemed adequate to detect and prevent noncompliance with material federal requirements.

Gaylynn Brien, Ridgefield Finance Director said: “The City is pleased with the audit results. It takes a team effort with department managers and staff involved to achieve this high accomplishment.”

The City of Ridgefield’s Financial Statements and Federal Single Audit Report can be found on the Washington State Auditor’s Office website or by using the following website link: http://www.sao.wa.gov/auditreports/auditreportfiles/ar1008310.pdf.

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