You’ve probably seen the ads for the ‘Glorious Gams’ contest being held this Saturday. Our local Bob Dingethal is one of the entrants, and here’s a letter he sent me about the event:

Dear Friends

As many of you know I am part of a fundraiser for The Children’s Center in Vancouver, where local goofballs like myself dress up for a best legs contest called “Glorious Gams” being held September 29th at the Vancouver Hilton.

This will be fun and I’d love to see you there but the real deal is that the Children’s Center is a free mental health clinic for children and families and it needs your help. If you have ever been touched by mental health issues in your family you know how important this is. Check them out at: www.the .

If you would send five or ten dollars to:

Bob Dingethal
Care of GPTF
9106E NE Highway 99
Vancouver, Washington 98665

or stop by and drop it off (I’d love to see you) or let me know and I’ll come by and pick up the donation.

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