PNWB Hosts Father’s Day Event

Pacific Northwest Best Fish in Ridgefield has been doing a Father’s Day Bash since they opened back in 2000. Whether it be ice sculptures, wood carvings, salmon bakes, or crawfish bowls; Pacific NW Best Fish brings down the house on Father’s Day.

This year once again they are hosting an afternoon of beer tasting, book signing and shrimp boil to celebrate DAD!

Please join them on Father’s Day – June 17th from noon to 5pm – as they host a book signing with featured author Spike Walker, beer tasting from Alameda Brewhouse, and the “Fishmonger” shrimp bowl cooked up right here at Pacific NW Best Fish.

Special guest author Spike Walker, famous for “Working on the Edge”, “Coming back Alive” and “Nights on Ice,” has spent numerous nights studying the ways Alaskan crab fishermen think. Wildly successful yet driven by demons and a hunger for adventure, Spike has made a name for himself consulting and storytelling about the Discovery Channel’s ‘Deadliest Catch.’ Come and meet Spike and enjoy some fresh shrimp at Pacific Northwest Best Fish. They’re located at 24415 NE 10th Avenue in Ridgefield, 360-887-4268.

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