Blue Heron Opens in Ridgefield

The Blue Heron, a new store in downtown Ridgefield, opened Friday, May 4, and is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 6, and some Sundays.

Owner Tricia Foster is offering great Mother’s Day gifts and specials this week, natural healthcare products, organic and vegan products and snacks, and complimentary peppermint water daily.

She’s a Preferred Insurance Provider for therapeutic massage.

Please email or call Tricia with any questions you may have regarding massage benefits or appointment availability at or 360-887-3770.

Trisha explained to me that there was a communication error between CenturyLink and Comcast and her phone number did not ‘port’ correctly, so she was without phone service for several days.

“Apologies to anyone who tried to reach me on the Ridgefield phone number between Thursday and Monday.”

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