All Weather Walkers in Ridgefield

Did you know Season’s Coffee Shop is the beginning point for an All Weather Walkers program in Ridgefield?

All Weather Walkers (AWW) formed in 1992 with a goal to feature the many beautiful parks and neighborhoods in Clark County and surrounding areas. Enthusiastic club volunteers research our local community and find many interesting walking locations.

The club organizes several events every year. A few popular routes are occasionally repeated, but they often find entirely new areas for the public to enjoy.

The Ridgefield 2012 Seasonal walks start at the Old Liberty Theater/Seasons Coffee Shop and or either 5 or 10 km in length. The 10km walk includes the memorial grove in Abrams Park, the Oaks to Wetlands nature trail in the world-renowned refuge; and a replica of the historic Cathlapotle plankhouse, a Chinook Indian village visited by Lewis & Clark. There are significant birding and water views.

The easier 5km route features Abrams Park and historic neighborhoods. Strollers and pets are okay on this walk.

Seasons Coffee Shop is at 113 North Main Avenue in downtown Ridgefield. Stop there before or after your hike for a latte, Italian soda, ice cream cone or a container of healthy assorted nuts. Visit some of the charming shops in this small town and you’ll see ‘what life should be.’ Pick up a Ridgefield map that lists the delightful shops in the area.

For more information on the hikes, go to the All Weather Walkers website,, or call Jean Moeller at 360-887-8778.

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