Coffee Klatsch at Alcove Art Gallery

This is one of my newest paintings – it’s on display at Alcove Art Gallery in downtown Ridgefield for the rest of the month.

I call it “Coffee Klatsch” because I like to think the cormorants gather together and talk to each other as they perch on the old pilings. The one lone seagull is the visitor to their group.

Adrian Peterson is our Featured Artist for April, and his photographs of nature are outstanding.

Alcove Art Gallery is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Wednesday through Saturday, so I hope you can get in and look at this month’s show. We’re small and intimate and have outstanding artwork on display. The gallery is located at 328 Pioneer Street, 360-727-3088.

If you haven’t been to Ridgefield lately, you’re missing a special treat. We’ve got lots of locally-owned stores and restaurants and even a couple of wine shops. Spend a morning or afternoon to see for yourself. Take exit 14 off the freeway and head west until you can’t go anymore.

“Ridgefield: The Way Life Should Be”

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