Opportunities at an Organic Farm

Inspiration Plantation is a diversified family farm raising vegetables and animals organically, and they’re looking for volunteers to work in trade for goods from their farm. Whether you’ve been wanting to contribute to the farm, create a deeper connection with your food, or subsidize your food dollars…Inspiration Plantation has several volunteer opportunities available this farming season.

The following is from Matt and Jen Schwab, owners of IP:

Below is a list of several opportunities, if you find something that interests you, please email inspirationplantation@gmail.com


This task requires 1-2 people 1-2 hours a day. Each volunteer will receive 2 dozen eggs for each hour of service. You can volunteer one day or multiple days. Simply email us what day(s) and time(s) you are available and when you want to begin.


Harvests begin in late May and are held 2-3 times a month on Fridays. We ask that harvesters commit to a minimum of one harvest per month for the six month season. This will allow harvesters to keep up their speed & skill – two very important things on harvest days! Each volunteer will receive 2 chickens for their service as well as a farm fresh lunch! Harvests begin at 8:00am sharp and last until 1:00pm (or longer some days – plus lunch)

There are also other occasional volunteer opportunities, such as garden preparation and planting and several construction projects. If any of them interest you, email us and we will add you to our list and email you when we know we can use your help. Also, becoming a fan on Facebook is a great way to keep up with these kind of things, as we can make a quick post and be on our way to farming in no time!

Interested in volunteering at IP? Email us at inspirationplantation@gmail.com

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