Ridgefield Celebrates Passage of the bond.

I went to the community potluck in honor of the passage of our bond last night. It was amazing to see and hear how many of you helped in getting the bond passed. It was truly a community effort – and our town is noted for how citizens pull together to get things done. Passage of the bond means our schools will be able to grow and become stronger and more efficient.

Superintendent Art Edgerly gave a short run-down of what the projects will entail. Because there are three separate locations, the improvements will be considered as three different projects. This will allow building in stages, rather than trying to handle all the areas at once.

The last time I saw Art was at the party the evening election results were announced, when he was literally walking on air. He was a little more subdued last night, but very happy to be moving forward. The school district website, www.ridge.k12.wa.us, will have a blog about the construction of the new facilities and I will check it periodically so you can be kept up-to-date on what’s happening.

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