Month: August 2013

Feel Good Resources

Do me a favor...Do something that makes you feel good. Give something of yourself that helps others. I tell you, it is the GREATEST feeling. I'm just in from the "5 […]

One Year: Outside of the Box

Clark College has been good to me! One year ago today, August 27th, my cookbook, "Shop, Cook, Eat: Outside of the Box" hit the shelves at Clark College Bookstore as […]

Google life

I just got off the phone with a lifelong friend, Katina (we’re both entrepreneurs). We were talking about work and life while we both were lying on our beds relishing […]

What’s for dinner? Chicken Tikka Masala

I've said this before, but it's worthy of repeating...With a well-stocked kitchen you can whip up a meal in a cinch, whole natural ingredients lend for creativity, and with spices […]

Splish Splash: My pool adventures II

This morning I had my third pool session with Christie. We typically start off doing pool exercises for a half hour or so. Then spend another half hour with some […]

41 Years in the Making

Blessed to have seen another year and it has been a wonderful one. I vowed to be "Fit By Forty" and haven't quite hit that goal physically. Not from lack of […]

Rest & Routine

To bed when the sun goes down. Rise when the sun comes up. A very basic concept. A concept our ancestors adhered to likely because they didn't have the luxury […]

Mama’s Garden

Basil, Green Beans, Red and Purple Tomatoes, and Cucumbers While hanging out at my mom's house earlier this week she happily took me on a tour of her beautiful garden. She […]

Outside of the Box at the Camas Public Library

  Last night, I gave an obesity and health talk at the Camas Public Library. Since it was my first time visiting the branch, I browsed around before I made my way […]

Olivia’s Outside of the Box Cheese Crackers

As you know I'm a huge proponent of real food, Outside of the Box. You also know that I believe it's really important to feed kids real food as soon […]

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