As the cashier loaded my grocery bag she cautioned, “It’s heavy.” I smirked and replied, “Yeah that’s fine. I got it. Thanks.”

She’s right, it was a little heavy, but it wasn’t that heavy. I’m 40 years old, in relatively good shape. So, carrying a 13 pound bag should be no problem – is no problem.

I haven’t been actively working out at the gym lately, but I realize there are so many other forms of exercise outside of the gym that I can do. Some very basic things. Starting with, using my body for what it was intended. The simplest, most overlooked form of exercise — walking. There are real health benefits to walking. Okay, so maybe you won’t get buffed from walking. And sure, there’s more advanced forms of exercise for folks that are fit, but no matter walking is the simplest, lowest impact form of cardio exercise. Oh, and it’s a stress reliever and great mood booster too.

So, I’ve made a pact with myself to sneak in exercise whenever, where ever. One way, I do this is to walk to my errands that are within a one mile radius of my house. Come to think about it, it seems shameful to drive a car to go such a short distance. My walking errands are good for the environment and me too.

Back to the “heavy” bag. I strapped the cloth reusable bag around my left shoulder, positioned it snugly on my right hip, and back on the road I went. My stride was a little shorter going home with the groceries in tow, but I felt good. Real good. I like using my body for what it was designed for: moving, walking, carrying stuff.

“Nature designed walking as the most basic and the main form of locomotion and transportation for human beings. Therefore it is essential for optimal health and function that this basic form of movement is a regular part of our daily lives. It is very simple and logical – the more we do things our bodies were naturally designed to do, the more functional our bodies become.” Read more from the article here.

With that said, I chose to — move it so I don’t lose it!

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