Dear Body,

If only I would have cherished you long ago, but instead I abused you and took advantage of you. For years, I ate all the wrong food. Not once did I think of how the food I ate affected you and your ability to perform. It was very typical of me to eat enormous servings of fat laden foods and then wash it all down with sugary drinks. I avoided physical activity like the plague. I never stopped to think about the damage I was causing you by my lack of exercise.

Oh, precious body. I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done to you. Thank you for hanging in there with me despite all the abuse. I realize how fortunate I am to not have developed any major conditions or diseases due to my neglectful ways. It has taken me the better part of my life to figure out what a truly intricate, amazing, and beautiful machine you are. You deserve the highest of respect. I vow from this day forward to never forsake you again. I promise to eat healthy foods that nourish you and to exercise regularly to keep you strong.

Love always,


Chrisetta Mosley

Chrisetta Mosley

I am a product – and now a survivor – of childhood obesity. As a child, my family always told me that my extra weight was merely baby fat and I’d eventually grow out of it. I never did. Instead, my childhood is filled with memories of not being able to ride a bike, flattening its training wheels from being over the recommended weight, and avoiding P.E. classes by any means necessary. For years, I wore my fatness like a wounded soldier wears a Purple Heart - with pride. I owned the look. I dressed it up. I worked the room. There wasn't a skinny girl who intimidated me. I made sure my hair was laid just right. Nails polished. Outfits coordinated to the tee. Accessories to compliment every outfit. But everyone has a breaking point, and mine came in the spring of 2004 when I tipped the scale at nearly 400 pounds 388 to be exact. I was MISERABLE trapped inside of that body. I no longer wore my Purple Heart with pride. Rather, I was ashamed and frightened. Ashamed that I had allowed food to become my everything – frightened I would die because of it. Drastic times called for drastic measures... Today, I’m bound and determined to live a better, healthier, active lifestyle. I realize I’m no longer a passenger in my life, I’m the driver. I’m overcoming my inhibitions and I’m slowly but surely saying farewell to my old childhood nemesis, obesity. For once and for all, Farewell Fatso!

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