Soup’s On!

SOUPer good news! A great honor and opportunity.

…Starting in June, New Seasons Market – Fisher’s Landing will serve my “Simply Unforgettable” Tomato Soup fresh in their deli. It will also be available packaged in the Grab & Go section for easy, reheating at home. On the days, they sell the soup they will also cross-promote “Bringing Cooking Back.”

This deal came about after rave reviews when I served samples in the store in February during my cookbook signing. The deli manager, Seth sampled it and bashfully came back for another helping. I even had to give him a bigger bowl. The rest is well, history.

Thanks to chefs, Todd and Peter, my little four serving recipe has been converted to 12 gallons. As SOUPer excited as I was, am — I did have a little apprehension about selling the soup in the deli. Y’all know, I’m a proponent of home cooked meals using fresh, whole food. Hello, I’m trying to “Bring Cooking Back” and that is still very much my goal. I realize, however, sometimes it’s just not possible to cook at home. On those occasions, eating at New Seasons Market is a very good option. I rarely eat out, but when I do, New Seasons Market deli is on my list. I know, they use quality, fresh ingredients and have a great selection of dishes to choose from.

I trust, Todd and Peter. We’ve talked and laughed together. I shook hands with them. They will make my soup from scratch using the freshest, juiciest tomatoes, and best olive oil. This is a partnership, I’m proud of — soup’s on!

Hope to see you all — June 9th from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. I’ll be back in the store, serving up my “Simply Unforgettable” Tomato Soup prepared by Todd or Peter and signing cookbooks with a BIG smile.

Thanks New Seasons Market for all you do.

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