Month: February 2012

Home Cooked Critics

I'm not a nutritionist. I did, however, successfully complete a "Food and Your Health" course at the 100 level. The degree I hold happens to be a Bachelors of […]


Missing: The gal with the go get it spirit at the gym. I just don't know what's going on. I can't seem to find it. I just don't have the same […]

True Acceptance

170 pounds gone forever. Actually, it's now 173 pounds, but somehow I still look at myself and think...There's a lot of work yet to do. I saw a photo of […]

Bold Connections

Reflecting...The recipe for success -- Be bold. Ask for what you want. Don't be afraid of being told no. Don't shy away from hard work. Be willing and ready to work for […]

Sugar on top of sugar

I'm so disgusted. A donut topped with Froot Loops. Who comes up with these gross concoctions? They're probably sitting around in a big fancy board room wearing suits -- "Hmm...I […]

On empty

I hate to admit this -- only three days into February and five weeks into the new year and my tank seems to be on empty. I've been trying to […]

No offense

Farewell Fatso! is my attempt to make light of some pretty heavy (no pun intended) matters: Obesity, childhood obesity, weight loss. When I created the blog and Facebook page I […]

Fabulous February

2012 has started off with a bang. My greatest honor to date, Bringing Cooking Back my convenient little cookbook was assigned a dewey decimal number and is now available at […]

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