Family Room

Hunting for my first house

I’m looking for my very first house – an experience that’s proving to be both exhilarating and frustrating. Tired of the tiny apartment experience, I’m ready to plant some roots […]

Superb Owl Sunday with family and friends

Last Sunday, I joined millions of Americans in enjoying a highly ritualized television event that pitted team against team in a complicated quest for glory and riches. That’s “Downton Abbey,” of […]

Too many ACEs up these kids’ sleeves

The scary whispers and nasty rumors spreading around the playground at Washington Elementary School have nothing to do with typical kid controversies — who’s cool and who’s not, who can […]

Are we raising spoiled brats? Only time, and George Bailey, will tell

According to a quiz on, my husband and I aren't raising spoiled brats.  But I stopped believing online quiz results after I was informed that if I was a classic '70s […]

Why there’s no Elf on our Shelf

This morning I mentioned to my husband that I feel as though we are the only parents who celebrate Christmas without Elf on the Shelf. "What's elf on the shelf?" he […]

Did you go “Doh!” when the power died?

Where were you, how were you, who were you when the lights went out? The whole region was treated to a brief stretch of blasting wind and unusual cold a few […]

If I can host Thanksgiving, so can you

Last year, for the first time, I hosted Thanksgiving. I'll do it again this year. And next year, as I've been told by my mother, who rightfully declared herself retired […]

That effing Stampy

Confession time: Sometimes my husband and I let our daughters play with the iPad unsupervised. Our oldest just turned 9, and our youngest turns 6 next month. Usually they play Minecraft, […]

“Enhanced” school photos? No thanks

Tuesday is Picture Day at my daughters' school, which means outfits will be selected with care, hair will be brushed (more than once) and if it's raining we'll drive instead […]

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